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Full Screen Printing Package From Metro Location-BULK OFFER

Date: Tuesday, November 20th - 2:00 PM

Inspection: Tuesday, November 20th - 2:00 PM

Location: Public Storage, 1801 W Belleview Avenue, Littleton, CO 80120
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Description: The owner has retired & offering their full screen printing package at public online auction. Presses and more have been dismantled by technician and placed in storage off of Belleview & Windermere. Currently located in multiple storage units.


M&R Sportsman automatic press, stated as purchased new in 2008, 2017 new compression unit installed

M&R Chameleon 1-6-4 manual press, stated as purchased in 2005

M&R Sprint 2000 gas dryer, stated as purchased new in 2008

BF3-4500S 18X24 red chili flash unit, outlined as purchased new in 2008

BBC 18X24 black flash unit, purchased in 2005

MSP3140 NuArc exposure unit, outlined as purchased in 2008

NuVantage 150 exposure unit, stated as purchased in 2005

Rhino wash station, outlined as purchased new in 2008

4" wash station, mentioned as purchased in 2005

SuperKleen Venta T extractor, purchased in estimated 2016

(2) Screen drying racks purchased in 2005

Estimation of (120) primarily aluminum, metal silk screens purchased from 2005-2017

9800p blow out gun, purchased in 2017

(12) 16X22 pallets purchased from 2005-2008

(8) 10X16 pallets purchased in 2008

(8) 3X22 pallets purchased in 2008

(8) 6X22 pallets purchased in 2008

Brand new dryer belt

Small compressor & wash gun, 2017

Assortment of squeegees, ink & silk screening chemicals.

Fantastic offering!


INSPECTION: Please call (303) 934-8322 or email for an appointment.

OWNER IS AVAILABLE to answer any questions.  Equipment was stated as operational when last utilized at the former entity. Disassembled by technician and technician is available to answer questions and may be available to offer assistance in reassembly for the new owner. 

Please note there is no forklift on site.

Dickensheet & Associates, Inc.
1501 West Wesley Avenue
Denver, CO 80223
Telephone: (303) 934-8322
Toll Free: (877) 284-0338
Fax: (303) 934-8252