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CDOT- GOV'T ONLY Construction Equipment, Dump Trucks/Snow Plows & Much More!

On Behalf Of The Colorado Department Of Transportation

Date: Friday, March 27th - 2:00 PM

Inspection: Wednesday, March 25th - 10:00 AM , and Thursday, March 26th - 10:00 AM

Location: 18500 E Colfax Avenue, Aurora, CO 80011
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Description: TENTATIVE AUCTION DATE! PART I-This particular portion of the auction is open only to Colorado Government Agencies that would UTILIZE IN SERVICE ONLY the excellent selection of equipment, vehicles & more at this auction. PART II-OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC WILL BE CONDUCTED ON APRIL 10th, 2020. Inspection both dates 10AM until 2PM. Happy bidding!


GOVERNMENT AGENCIES-PLEASE CALL (303) 934-8322 WHEN REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE.  As this portion of the auction is not open to the general public, all registrations will need to be manually approved.  The registering party will need to confirm a disclosure that the purchased items would only be utilized in the course of the Government entity and not for other purposes.

By registering for the March 27th, 2020 CDOT Government Exclusive Online Auction, employees of CDOT agree and acknowledge that they do not have a conflict of interest by placing bid(s) with the intent to purchase any item(s) that they were involved with the decision to purchase nor the decision to dispose of the item(s) included with this auction.

LOADING-There have been some significant changes for removal at all CDOT locations.  CDOT team members will ONLY be available to assist with placing air in tires and jump starting vehicles.  As of the 2016 auctions, CDOT is NOT allowed to assist with loading activities.  Please factor the expense of loading when placing bids.

REMOVAL-All removal activities will need to be scheduled with the appropriate party for the location.  Once you have successfully purchased at the auction, please call the correct locations for removal.  Removal at all locations will need to be coordinated, paid in full and fully completed within one week following the conclusion of the auction.  Construction is being completed at the Aurora facility and removal will need to be enforced only for the time periods outlined.  Please bring fuel (if needed with your purchased item) as CDOT is not able to provide fuel for any parties.  Aurora has outlined time periods from 7AM-3PM with Tuesday through Thursday as their preferred time periods.  Aurora has requested if the item(s) can be removed from the lot and then loaded, strapped down etc. outside the gate, it would be greatly appreciated and that all items purchased be removed during the same time period or initially separate appointments are scheduled.

PAYMENT-All items will need to be paid in full prior to relocation.  Please do not bid if you are not able to finalize the transaction within that time period.  Once the invoice is paid, the proper locations will be forwarded over the information on the successful bidder and the items purchased.  A copy of the invoice needs to be with the proper party authorized for relocation for additional verification at the CDOT location.





for full review of the items to be auctioned prior to bidding. Thank you.

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Denver, CO 80223
Telephone: (303) 934-8322
Toll Free: (877) 284-0338
Fax: (303) 934-8252