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Abandoned & Confiscated Vehicle Auction-OVER 180 VEHICLES TO BE SOLD

On Behalf Of The City & County Of Denver

Date: Wednesday, March 18th - 9:30 AM

Inspection: Wednesday, March 18th - 9:00 AM

Location: 5226 Brighton Boulevard (Denver Sheriff Vehicle Impound Facility), Denver, Co 80216
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Description: Please be advised that some of these vehicles will not be present on the day of sale, as owners/lien holders will have reclaimed the vehicles. All vehicles must be paid in full, removed on the date of the auction. Hope to see you there!


Lot # Year Make Model Style VIN Junker
143 2001 CHEV TAHOE UP 1GNEC13T21J148727  
192 2007 CADI ESCALADE UP 1GYFK66877R295909 JUNK
141 1999 DODG DURANGO UP 1B4HS28Z9XF708828  
195 2003 SUBA OUTBACK SW 4S3BH895237650538 JUNK
142 2004 PONT GRAND AM 4D 1G2NF52E04C253306  
139 1997 ISUZ RODEO UP 4S2CM58V4V4330226  
144 1996 CHEV C/K1500 PK 2GCEK19R1T1219050  
185 2016 HOND RUCKUS MC JH2AF5815GK402244 JUNK
146 1999 FORD F150 PK 1FTRX18W2XKB83272  
196 2001 DODG RAM PK 3B7HF13Z31G192268 JUNK
160 2001 CADI CATERA 4D W06VR54R61R027882  
168 1998 FORD EXPLORER UP 1FMYU24E9WUD16678  
163 2003 JEEP LIBERTY UP 1J4GL48K93W577852  
205 2006 CHEV MALIBU 4D 1G1ZS51F06F289574 JUNK
157 1993 STRN SL1 4D 1G8ZH559XPZ197957  
166 2003 CHEV MALIBU 4D 1G1ND52J63M530587  
155 2003 BMW 330i 4D WBAEV53423KM26619  
167 2006 HOND ACCORD 4D 1HGCM563X6A106850  
198 2007 SAAB 9-3 4D YS3FD49Y671143613 JUNK
165 1999 FORD RANGER PK 1FTZR15V1XPB57576  
169 2002 CHEV CAVALIER 2D 1G1JH12T327198456  
154 2005 FORD MUSTANG 2D 1ZVFT80N155132848  
138 2002 FORD EXPLORER UP 1FMZU73W32ZC25284  
201 2003 OLDS ALERO 4D 1G3NL52F93C290995 JUNK
175 2012 FORD F150 PK 1FTMF1CM3CKD10138  
59 2011 AUDI A4 4D WAUBFAFL9BN047352  
47 2001 GMC YUKON UP 1GKEK13T71J169704  
57 1994 CHEV BLAZER UP 1GNEK18K4RJ367591  
170 2000 STRN LS 4D 1G8JR52F1YY671340  
171 2006 FORD EXPLORER UP 1FMEU73E16UA48582  
56 2004 JEEP CHEROKEE UP 1J4GW48S14C111911  
49 2012 HYUN SONATA 4D 5NPEB4AC0CH399533  
54 2001 DODG DURANGO UP 1B4HS28N01F581536  
112 2006 GMC YUKON UP 1GKEK13ZX6R125693  
153 2003 DODG CARAVAN PV 2D8GP34313R215401  
148 2014 NISS ALTIMA 4D 1N4BL3AP3EC107648  
23 2007 JEEP COMMANDER UP 1J8HG58217C587294  
200 2007 DODG CALIBER HB 1B3HB48B57D521150 JUNK
32 1995 HOND ACCORD 4D 1HGCD5555SA043346  
7 2005 ACUR TL 4D 19UUA66295A020826  
44 2006 CHEV BLAZER UP 1GNES16S166139663  
4 2000 JEEP CHEROKEE UP 1J4FT28S4YL159806  
89 2003 FORD MUSTANG CV 1FAFP44463F343736 JUNK
88 2003 BMW 330xi 4D WBAEW53453PG09676  
52 2000 AUDI TT 2D TRUTS28N7Y1000155  
75 2002 HYUN SANTA FE UP KM8SC73DX2U188699  
55 2004 HOND ELEMENT UP 5J6YH28564L038791  
60 2002 DODG NEON 4D 1B3ES46CX2D598863  
48 1993 FORD F150 PK 1FTEX14N0PKB94797  
1 2002 BUIC REGAL 4D 2G4WB55K021131363  
38 1999 HOND CRV UP JHLRD1768XC017653  
117 1998 HOND CIVIC 4D 2HGEJ6678WH626380  
8 2005 BMW X5 UP 5UXFB53565LV10348  
128 2017 POLA GEM PV 52CG6AGA5H0016699  
15 2012 SUBA IMPREZA 4D JF1GJAA60CG007052  
109 1998 ACUR RL 4D JH4KA9659WC800430  
97 1995 TOYT 4RUNNER UP JT3VN39W8S0182893  
151 2003 VOLV S40 4D YV1VS27533F979750  
94 1996 NISS MAXIMA 4D JN1CA21D6TM410776  
121 2006 HYUN SANTA FE UP KM8SC73EX6U099343  
199 2006 CHRY 300 4D 2C3KA53G06H246213 JUNK
5 2004 GMC SIERRA PK 2GTEK19T041250514  
85 1999 LEXS ES 300 4D JT8BF28G3X0234193  
93 1997 NISS QUEST PV 4N2DN1114VD848640  
91 2010 CHEV MALIBU 4D 1G1ZA5E09A4104922  
77 2007 FORD ESCAPE UP 1FMCU49H37KA11537  
29 2008 DODG CALIBER HB 1B3HB28C78D559333  
3 2009 HOND CIVIC 2D 2HGFG12639H521575 JUNK
131 2006 HUMM H3 UP 5GTDN136068102586  
95 2007 HYUN SONATA 4D 5NPET46CX7H263423  
156 2000 FORD F250 PK 1FTNX21F6YEE44904  
6 2006 NISS ALTIMA 4D 1N4AL11D16N380602  
81 2007 FORD EXPLORER UP 1FMEU73E57UB55250  
96 1999 FORD F250 PK 1FTNX21S5XEA24983  
184 2006 SUZI GSX MC JS1GN7DA262101558  
179 1984 CHEV P30 MT 1GBKP37W4E3335367  
13 2003 HOND ODYSSEY PV 5FNRL18593B108384  
63 2000 TOYT ECHO 4D JTDBT1236Y0011254  
41 1992 TOYT COROLLA 4D 1NXAE94A4NZ338252  
25 1999 INFI QX4 UP JNRAR05Y1XW048526 JUNK
119 2003 CHEV BLAZER UP 1GNET16S036103746  
105 2004 ACUR TSX 4D JH4CL96894C009868  
134 2000 HOND ODYSSEY PV 2HKRL1862YH541398  
132 1999 CHEV SILVERADO PK 1GCEK14T1XZ111477  
2 2004 JEEP CHEROKEE UP 1J8GW68J74C243900  
122 1997 STRN SL2 4D 1G8ZK5278VZ167907  
76 1992 HOND ACCORD 4D 1HGCB7555NA170944  
124 2008 PONT GRAND PRIX 4D 2G2WP552281130797  
19 2002 NISS ALTIMA 4D 1N4BL11E52C229250  
120 2001 FORD EXPLORER UP 1FMDU85P41ZA00229  
21 1992 HOND ACCORD 4D JHMCB7655NC011292  
90 2000 BUIC CENTURY 4D 2G4WS52J9Y1225293  
12 1999 MERZ ML320 UP 4JGAB54E0XA103937  
113 1988 TOYT COROLLA 2D 1NXAE82G9JZ547823  
197 2006 HYUN SONATA 4D 5NPEU46F46H084302 JUNK
207 2006 HOND ODYSSEY PV 5FNRL38626B405084 JUNK
162 2000 CHAN   TL LN2UT1117CZ136327  
164 2000 GMC JIMMY UP 1GKDT13W4Y2219708  
83 2006 VOLV XC70 SW YV4SZ592861208434  
39 2004 NISS SENTRA 4D 3N1CB51D54L920417  
190 2000 VOLK JETTA 4D 3VWTE29M4YM113066 JUNK
72 2001 FORD EXPLORER UP 1FMYU60E01UB73335  
17 1994 CHEV S10 PK 1GCCS19Z9R8154784  
102 1994 HOND ACCORD 4D 1HGCD5550RA155174  
30 2000 DODG DURANGO UP 1B4HS28Z0YF279810  
34 1997 GEO PRIZM 4D 1Y1SK5282VZ423390  
82 2002 HOND ACCORD 4D 1HGCG16522A030262  
147 2001 CHEV TAHOE UP 1GNEK13T61R191388  
69 1998 TOYT COROLLA 4D 2T1BR18E9WC000548  
65 1998 CHEV BLAZER UP 1GNDT13W4W2219286  
183 2005 KAWK NINJA MC JKAEXMF105DA15992  
11 2000 SUBA IMPREZA SW JF1GF4358YH804531  
204 1995 CADI DEVILLE 4D 1G6KD52B5SU294194 JUNK
108 2008 CHEV IMPALA 4D 2G1WT58K381252628  
191 2008 CADI STS 4D 1G6DW67VX80120388 JUNK
152 2020 TOYT COROLLA 4D JTDEPRAE5LJ056109  
126 2004 AUDI A6 4D WAULD64B54N016829  
125 1999 CHRY TOWN-COUNT PV 1C4GP64L1XB577944  
110 2011 KIA SOUL UP KNDJT2A25B7328905  
172 1996 CADI DEVILLE 4D 1G6KD52Y9TU215891  
129 1994 FORD AEROSTAR PV 1FMDA41X7RZB18794  
27 2002 CHEV EXPRESS VN 1GAHG39R421186942  
116 2007 CHRY 300 4D 2C3KA63H97H683675  
40 2001 HOND PASSPORT UP 4S6DM58W414416934  
118 2004 PONT AZTEK UP 3G7DB03E44S587268  
37 2001 HOND ODYSSEY PV 2HKRL18691H585632  
36 1994 HOND ACCORD 4D 1HGCD5521RA042114  
111 2010 CHEV AVEO 4D KL1TD5DEXAB042161 JUNK
133 1999 TOYT 4RUNNER UP JT3HN87R9X9019583  
178 1995 FORD ECONOLINE VN 1FTFE24Y7SHA74401  
173 2015 KIA OPTIMA 4D 5XXGM4A76FG417460 JUNK
174 2005 CHEV IMPALA 4D 2G1WF52EX59103446  
107 1995 NISS PICKUP PK 1N6HD16Y9SC463831  
66 1997 CHEV S10 PK 1GCCS1441VK164198  
74 1999 CHRY SEBRING CV 3C3EL55H8XT595805  
14 2000 MITS MONTERO UP JA4LS31H2YP016730  
84 2004 KIA RIO 4D KNADC125846334770  
159 2003 HOND ACCORD 2D 1HGCM82663A001459  
136 2018 THOR   TL 430FT1825KM059196  
71 2013 FORD ESCAPE UP 1FMCU0GX1DUC63208  
35 2005 VOLK GTI HB 9BWDE61J054019568  
176 2003 DODG RAM PK 1D7HU18Z93S135332  
180 2012 KAWK NINJA MC JKAEXMJ10CDA95461  
202 2002 MITS GALANT 4D 4A3AA46GX2E060836 JUNK
33 2000 CHRY TOWN-COUNT PV 1C4GT54L5YB620382  
68 1996 CHEV S10 PK 1GCCS1944T8139105  
130 1998 VOLV V70 SW YV1LZ5643W2478009  
67 2001 JEEP CHEROKEE UP 1J4GW58N41C633024  
62 2003 INFI G35 4D JNKCV51E33M305770  
58 2000 FORD WINDSTAR PV 2FMZA5149YBA58259  
43 1997 MITS ECLIPSE 2D 4A3AL54F7VE141579  
149 1994 CHEV C/K2500 PK 1GCGC29N6RE150937  
114 1964 DODG RAM PK 1281331787  
103 2007 LEXS IS 250 4D JTHCK262872015189  
104 1993 GEO METRO HB 2C1MR2462P6760561  
99 2015 KIA OPTIMA 4D 5XXGR4A6XFG513116  
98 1993 CHEV BLAZER UP 1GNDT13W6P2198426  
24 2000 CHRY TOWN-COUNT PV 1C4GP54L1YB644490  
20 1996 DODG CARAVAN PV 2B4GP44B9TR594091  
100 1998 TOYT RAV4 UP JT3GP10V2W7037275  
92 2004 FORD EXPLORER UP 1FMZU77K14UB80935  
51 2011 FORD F150 PK 1FTEX1EM8BFC58611  
42 2001 CHEV TAHOE UP 1GNEK13T41J217582  
87 2006 FORD EXPEDITION UP 1FMFU18526LA74382  
79 1998 TOYT COROLLA 4D 1NXBR18E3WZ098734  
28 2003 HOND CIVIC 4D 1HGES16503L008015  
188 2007 STRN VUE UP 5GZCZ63497S805920  
18 1991 FORD RANGER PK 1FTCR11T4MTA45528  
123 2001 NISS ALTIMA 4D 1N4DL01D31C208812  
22 1990 LEXS LS 400 4D JT8UF11E5L0011448  
127 2009 CHEV TAHOE UP 1GNFC23039R221620  
158 2005 CHEV BLAZER UP 1GNCT18X55K100593  
70 2010 KIA SOUL UP KNDJT2A23A7071354  
73 2010 TOYT COROLLA 4D JTDBU4EE4AJ076616  
53 2002 FORD F250 PK 1FTNX21S82EC30761  
10 2001 FORD FOCUS SW 1FAFP36391W151450  
189 2006 VOLK JETTA 4D 3VWMJ71K36M640827 JUNK


Please remember this is a CASH ONLY sale.  Purchasers will be required to pay for your winning bids immediately in full, in cash.  The purchaser MAY NOT LEAVE to obtain funds.  If you do not have the cash WITH YOU, please do not bid.  

All parties must be 18 years of age to attend or to bid at this event.

ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK TO LOT.  Neither Dickensheet & Associates, Inc. nor the City & County of Denver is responsible for personal injury or lost items on the lot.

Every other Wednesday, the City & County of Denver sells abandoned and confiscated vehicles at the Sheriff's impound yard.  The City & County of Denver will often sell City owned surplus vehicles as well.  The auction averages 125 vehicles per sale including cars, trucks, SUV's, motorcycles, motorhomes and trailers.  Vehicles range in condition for "ready for recycling" to "ready for the showroom".  


·        This is a Cash only Sale! The City will accept cash or certified funds (a verifiable cashier’s check made payable to Dickensheet and Associates Inc and pre-approved by the Auction contractor at least 24 hours prior to the sale date) due immediately as each vehicle is sold. Personal checks will only be accepted with an irrevocable letter of credit from your bank guaranteeing funds, which has been pre-approved at least 24 hours prior to sale date. No credit cards will be accepted at this sale. You will not have time to retrieve funds the day of the sale, please be prepared to pay for your purchase immediately.

·        A $100.00 cash deposit is required of each registered bidder. This cash deposit is a “good faith” refundable deposit assuring the City that you will pay for all of the vehicles that you purchased in the bid process. Though payment in full is due at the end of the sale, you may be ordered to pay for your purchase or purchases at any time in the course of the sale by either the Auction personnel or the City representative. All City owned vehicles must be paid for immediately after you are declared the winning bidder. If you fail to pay for the vehicle or vehicles you purchased in the bid process, that is a breach of contract and you will forfeit your $100.00 cash deposit. Hold on to your bid number. If you do not buy a vehicle and you wish to leave, you must turn in your bid number to the Auctioneer’s clerk in order to collect your cash deposit. When you turn in your bid number, the clerk will request your ID and it must be the same ID as the person who registered. 

·        Pay attention to which vehicle is being sold! If you don’t know what you’re bidding on, don’t bid!

·        All abandoned/confiscated vehicles are sold as “tow aways” and without an emission test or a 45 day permit. If you buy an abandoned/confiscated vehicle you are responsible for having the vehicle emission tested. A document regarding emissions is attached to the paperwork of each abandoned/confiscated vehicle that you buy. Be advised that Denver Motor Vehicle will NOT issue a temporary permit for vehicles sold as “tow aways”. An emission inspection coupon will be provided for City owned surplus vehicles unless announced otherwise.

·        To our knowledge the State of Colorado will require two forms of secure and verifiable identification from any buyer who wishes to obtain a Colorado title for a motor vehicle. This means that any individual named as “Buyer” on the Bill of Sale that we issue at the Auction must provide acceptable ID’s to the Dept of Motor Vehicle in their county unless otherwise announced.

·        City issues a Bill of Sale and three supporting documents for the sale of abandoned/confiscated vehicles. You must apply for title in your county of residence.

·        Title is not guaranteed on any abandoned/confiscated vehicle sold. Acquisition of title is between the Buyer and the State of Colorado.

·        Please be aware that all vehicles are towed into the Car Pound and very few come equipped with keys. Keys found within any abandoned/confiscated vehicle are not guaranteed to fit the ignition and/or the trunk or door of the vehicle from which they were pulled. The Auctioneer will announce at the time of the sale if a set of keys has been found in a vehicle.

·        If an ignition key is found, an attempt to start the vehicle will be made. If the vehicle starts, the Auctioneer will announce this prior to selling the vehicle and will write “starts” on windshield. This is for informational purposes only and is not a guarantee that the vehicle will start or that the vehicle will move.

·        Some vehicles are marked “Rebuilt from Salvage” or “Salvage” on the Bill of Sale. The Auctioneer will announce whether a vehicle has been designated as previous salvage or salvage prior to selling the vehicle.

·        Some are sold as “Junk” or “For Parts Only”. No Colorado Title or salvage receipt/title will be issued for these vehicles, they must be junked or dismantled only. Sales tax will be charged unless purchase is otherwise exempt.

·        Removal is by 3:00pm from the inside of the lot and 5:00pm from off the street outside of the lot on the day of the sale NO EXCEPTIONS! Any vehicles left in the Auction yard or unattended along adjacent streets will be towed and impounded and all related charges will be assessed to the vehicle.

·        All items found within the vehicle are the property of the Buyer. You must take all the contents of the vehicle you’ve purchased with you.

·        Duplicates for lost paperwork for abandoned/confiscated vehicles are available at the cost of $10.00. Duplicate titles for City owned vehicles will be provided at a cost of $50.00. 

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