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Abandoned & Confiscated Vehicle Auction-OVER 180 VEHICLES TO BE SOLD

On Behalf Of The City & County Of Denver

Date: Wednesday, November 13th - 9:30 AM

Inspection: Wednesday, November 13th - 9:00 AM

Location: 5226 Brighton Boulevard (Denver Sheriff Vehicle Impound Facility), Denver, Co 80216
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Description: Please be advised that some of these vehicles will not be present on the day of sale, as owners/lien holders will have reclaimed the vehicles. All vehicles must be paid in full, removed on the date of the auction. Hope to see you there!


Lot # Year Make Model Style VIN
2 2010 ACUR TSX 4D JH4CU2F64AC041917
4 1992 CHEV C/K1500 PK 1GCEK14Z0NZ172367
5 2005 CHEV EQUINOX UP 2CNDL73F256034131
6 2005 HOND CRV UP JHLRD78945C014662
7 2006 CHEV MALIBU 4D 1G1ZT61836F170244
8 1989 HOND ACCORD 4D JHMCA5520KC048731
9 2001 CHEV CAVALIER 2D 1G1JC124617284348
10 2003 TOYT HIGHLANDER UP JTEHF21A930104023
11 2005 CHEV MALIBU 4D 1G1ZU64865F197073
12 2003 TOYT TACOMA PK 5TENL42N03Z251280
13 1995 NISS ALTIMA 4D 1N4BU31D0SC273382
14 2007 LINC TOWN CAR 4D 1LNHM82V27Y623349
16 2005 TOYT COROLLA 4D 1NXBR32E45Z546692
17 2004 DODG STRATUS 2D 4B3AG42G14E130928
18 1997 PONT BONNEVILLE 4D 1G2HZ5212VH249392
19 2004 CHEV IMPALA 4D 2G1WH52K649380075
20 1999 SUBA LEGACY SW 4S3BK4359X7306262
21 1991 LEXS LS 400 4D JT8UF11E7M0086623
23 2006 FORD FUSION 4D 3FAFP07Z36R167123
24 1989 TOYT COROLLA 4D JT2AE94F1K0063077
25 1997 CHEV BLAZER UP 1GNDT13W6V2261733
27 2003 CADI CTS 4D 1G6DM57N730101371
28 2008 CHRY PT CRUISER 4D 3A8FY48B78T127206
29 2003 FORD FOCUS 4D 1FAFP38Z93W173372
30 2005 BMW X5 UP 5UXFB53505LV16467
31 2003 NISS FRONTIER PK 1N6DD26T93C435912
32 1993 HOND ACCORD 4D 1HGCB7674PA125867
33 2006 SUZI FORENZA 4D KL5JD56Z06K478580
34 2006 FORD FREESTAR PV 2FMZA52276BA45830
35 1994 FORD F150 PK 1FTEF14N3RLA52718
36 1999 DODG 3500 VN 2B5WB35Z6XK558580
37 2003 ACUR TL 4D 19UUA56633A087562
38 2005 CHRY 300 4D 2C3AK53G65H656604
39 2004 TOYT CAMRY 4D JTDBE32K140271553
40 1994 CHEV CAMARO CV 2G1FP32S7R2195198
41 2004 CHEV CAVALIER 2D 1G1JH12F547174320
42 2009 SUBA IMPREZA SW JF1GH60679H815461
43 2002 MAZD MPV PV JM3LW28J120309751
44 1999 BUIC PARK AVENUE 4D 1G4CW52KXX4615662
45 2011 KIA OPTIMA 4D KNAGM4A7XB5070792
46 1996 TOYT COROLLA 4D 2T1BA02E4TC112809
47 2003 SUBA LEGACY SW 4S3BH635237310898
48 1997 LEXS LS 400 4D JT8BH28F2V0068537
49 1992 CHEV CAMARO 2D 1G1FP23E2NL153244
50 2006 CHRY 300 4D 2C3KA53G76H295683
52 2006 AUDI A6 4D WAUDG74F46N038067
53 2005 AUDI A4 4D WAULC68E15A104065
54 1998 FORD F150 PK 1FTZX18W8WKC05984
55 2002 BUIC LESABRE 4D 1G4HP54K524163743
56 2001 DODG RAM PK 1B7HF13Z41J523812
57 2001 DODG DURANGO UP 1B4HS28Z51F600939
59 2006 PONT G6 4D 1G2ZH558664128244
60 2004 CHEV SUBURBAN UP 1GNFK16Z14J182055
61 1992 CHEV C/K1500 PK 1GCEC14K0NE230615
62 2001 HOND ACCORD 4D 1HGCG55671A079151
64 2007 VOLV S60 4D YV1RS592X72617126
65 2010 JEEP PATRIOT UP 1J4NT1GB8AD655621
66 2002 JEEP CHEROKEE UP 1J4GW38S52C236627
67 2001 MITS DIAMANTE 4D 6MMAP57P91T010614
69 2001 NISS FRONTIER PK 1N6DD26S01C387835
70 1999 HOND CIVIC 4D 2HGEJ6671XH547697
71 2000 SUBA LEGACY SW 4S3BH6358Y7302358
73 1994 HOND ACCORD 4D 1HGCD5519RA075272
74 2000 FORD F250 PK 1FTNX21L5YEB50268
75 1997 PONT BONNEVILLE 4D 1G2HZ52K0VH278480
76 2007 HYUN AZERA 4D KMHFC46F27A197564
77 1997 TOYT CAMRY 4D 4T1BG22K7VU147863
78 2010 SUZI XSX4 4D JS2YC5A24A6302726
79 2007 BMW 335i 4D WBAVB73587KY60661
80 1989 SAAB 900 CV YS3AT76L7K7012851
82 1998 JEEP CHEROKEE UP 1J4GZ48YXWC290108
83 2004 JEEP LIBERTY UP 1J4GL48K04W285072
84 2005 HYUN SANTA FE UP KM8SC13D35U917630
85 2000 NISS MAXIMA 4D JN1CA31DXYT725535
86 1997 ACUR 3.5RL 4D JH4KA964XVC007417
88 2004 GMC ENVOY UP 1GKDT13S142445616
89 2000 VOLK PASSAT 4D WVWMA23B6YP217501
90 2000 CHEV METRO 4D 2C1MR5226Y6726724
91 2004 BUIC LESABRE 4D 1G4HP54K844115088
92 2007 FORD FOCUS 4D 1FAFP34N47W184045
93 2009 VOLK JETTA 4D 3VWJZ71K39M028658
94 1999 AUDI A4 SW WAUGB28D9XA326487
95 1996 CHEV C/K1500 PK 1GCEK19R1TE241838
96 2002 CHEV SILVERADO PK 2GCEK19T321297789
97 2003 MAZD TRIBUTE UP 4F2YZ94173KM01814
98 2004 HOND ODYSSEY PV 5FNRL18964B073890
99 2001 FORD RANGER PK 1FTYR14U31PA34597
100 1986 CADI SEVILLE 4D 1G6KS6984GU802734
101 2005 TOYT PRIUS HB JTDKB20U557048674
102 2009 NISS ALTIMA 4D 1N4BL21E59N400101
104 2005 STRN ION 4D 1G8AG52F85Z150546
105 2007 CADI DTS 4D 1G6KD57Y77U188494
106 2002 VOLK JETTA SW WVWSE61J02W127531
107 2003 FORD MUSTANG 2D 1FAFP42X03F416256
108 2008 AUDI A6 4D WAUDV74F18N053750
109 2001 LNDR RANGE ROVER UP SALPM16441A448006
110 2001 HOND CIVIC 4D 2HGES15551H545894
111 2007 DODG CARAVAN PV 2D8GP44L37R177942
114 2003 DODG DURANGO UP 1D4HS38N43F587029
116 2001 HOND ACCORD 4D 1HGCG56411A149126
117 1997 DODG RAM PK 3B7HC13Z6VM511145
118 2001 BMW 325i 4D WBAAV33431FU90631
119 2004 STRN VUE UP 5GZCZ63474S851709
120 2003 BMW 745Li 4D WBAGN63473DS44174
121 2003 TOYT COROLLA 4D 1NXBR32E23Z040677
122 2004 CHEV AVALANCHE PK 3GNEC12T14G202977
123 1999 SUBA LEGACY SW 4S3BG6856X7655515
124 1999 AUDI A4 SW WAUGB28D3XA086515
125 1998 JEEP CHEROKEE UP 1J4FJ28S7WL234565
126 1995 VOLK PASSAT SW WVWFE83A1SE006569
127 1998 CHEV BLAZER UP 1GNDT13W5W2126485
128 2004 JEEP CHEROKEE UP 1J4GW58N94C405055
129 2006 CADI DTS 4D 1G6KD57946U118815
130 2004 VOLK PASSAT 4D WVWPD63B24P051922
131 1995 FORD MUSTANG 2D 1FALP4048SF144405
132 1989 FORD RANGER PK 1FTCR15T9KPB51215
134 2004 MITS DIAMANTE 4D 6MMAP67P84T002076
135 2008 SUBA LEGACY 4D 4S3BL616887222102
136 2005 NISS QUEST PV 5N1BV28U15N137161
137 1995 HOND ACCORD 4D 1HGCD5639SA162918
138 2002 HYUN ELANTRA 4D KMHDN45D42U424181
139 2005 HOND PILOT UP 5FNYF18525B048051
140 2000 NISS SENTRA 4D 3N1CB51D0YL303769
142 2005 CADI CTS 4D 1G6DP567950186548
145 1997 GMC SUBURBAN UP 3GKGK26R7VG518592
146 2004 PACE   TL 40LFB12104P097479
147 2006 DODG RAM PK 1D7KS28C86J163615
148 1998 FORD F150 PK 1FTZX18W7WKC02431
149 1994 GMC C7000 TK 1GDJ7H1P7RJ510214
150 2002 PONT GRAND PRIX 4D 1G2WK52J32F206022
151 2001 TOYT CAMRY 4D 4T1BG22K41U050971
153 1989 GMC JIMMY UP 1GKEV18K4KF510455
154 2006 NISS TITAN PK 1N6BA07A66N554947
155 2007 HOND ACCORD 4D 1HGCM66467A071045
156 1995 OLDS CUTLASS 4D 1G3AJ55M1S6430503
157 1996 DODG RAM PK 1B7MF36C2TS565247
158 2006 HOND CIVIC 2D 2HGFG12876H545942
159 1999 CHEV TAHOE UP 1GNEK13R2XJ561585
160 2006 CHEV SILVERADO PK 3GCEC14V26G252037
163 1996 TOYT CAMRY 4D 4T1BG12K1TU769575
164 2001 TOYT CAMRY 2D 2T1CF28P51C533509
165 1997 CHEV SUBURBAN UP 3GNFK16R4VG133256
166 1995 NISS ALTIMA 4D 1N4BU31D6SC194427
167 1995 DODG 2500 VN 2B6HB21Y3SK559285
168 2005 BUIC TERRAZA PV 5GADX33L55D256270
169 1994 DODG STEALTH HB JB3AN74K6RY007268
170 2000 CADI DEVILLE 4D 1G6KF5499YU303668
171 2001 NISS ALTIMA 4D 1N4DL01D41C159748
172 1996 HOND CIVIC 4D 2HGEJ660XTH534489
173 2012 FORD FOCUS HB 1FAHP3M22CL349083
174 2006 CHRY PACIFICA UP 2A8GF68476R822194
175 2005 LINC AVIATOR UP 5LMEU88H35ZJ16789
176 2002 HYUN ACCENT 4D KMHCG45C52U269752
177 2003 TOYT CAMRY 4D JTDBE32K830176275
178 2011 FORD F150 PK 1FTFW1ET5BFC64736
180 2005 JEEP CHEROKEE UP 1J4HS48N35C648386
181 2003 HOND PILOT UP 2HKYF18583H540291
182 2008 CHEV IMPALA 4D 2G1WT58K781355843
183 2002 PONT SUNFIRE 2D 1G2JB12F627329211
184 2002 VOLV S40 4D YV1VS29522F845338
185 2010 FORD FOCUS 4D 1FAHP3GN9AW171738
186 2004 FORD FOCUS 4D 1FAFP34Z84W108309
187 1996 SUBA LEGACY SW 4S3BK4358T7310703
188 2007 JEEP PATRIOT UP 1J8FF48W87D418326
189 2004 MERZ S500 4D WDBNG75J84A416677
190 2001 OLDS ALERO 4D 1G3NF52EX1C141281
191 2000 FORD RANGER PK 1FTZR15X6YPA61364
192 2001 CHEV MONTE CARLO 2D 2G1WX15K719219172
193 2003 JEEP CHEROKEE UP 1J4GW58N53C586007
194 2003 BMW 530i 4D WBADT63403CK34861
195 2005 FORD ESCAPE UP 1FMCU95H95KD90978
196 2012 VOLK JETTA 4D 3VW4A7AJ9CM369260
197 1992 TOYT PASEO 2D JT2EL45F7N0076607
198 1974 KAWK 175 MC F786345
199 2008 JIAL HOT ROD MC LAAATFJE589000054
200 2008 KAWK NINJA MC JKAEXMJ158DA11299
201 2019 HUAN 125 MC LWGPCMLC0KA006994
202 1999 YAMA RIVA MC JYA3EKC07XA039318
203 1991 YAMA PW80 MC JYA3RVW00MA002012
204 2008 YAMA XC50 MC LPRSA30A68A160612
205 2008 HD DYNA MC 1HD1GX4138K330189
206 2003 VOLK GOLF HB 9BWBK61J934071682
207 2011 CHEV MALIBU 4D 1G1ZB5E12BF328366
208 2010 CHEV MALIBU 4D 1G1ZB5EB0AF298680
209 2009 ACUR TSX 4D JH4CU26659C031943
211 2010 CHEV EQUINOX UP 2CNALDEW8A6393587
212 2008 BMW 328i 4D WBAVC53548FZ89718
213 2006 HOND CIVIC 2D 2HGFG21556H704518
215 2005 CHEV IMPALA 4D 2G1WF52E559133518
216 2004 ACUR TSX 4D JH4CL96974C005004
217 1992 TOYT CAMRY 4D 4T1SK12E0NU110995


Please remember this is a CASH ONLY sale.  Purchasers will be required to pay for your winning bids immediately in full, in cash.  The purchaser MAY NOT LEAVE to obtain funds.  If you do not have the cash WITH YOU, please do not bid.  

All parties must be 18 years of age to attend or to bid at this event.

ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK TO LOT.  Neither Dickensheet & Associates, Inc. nor the City & County of Denver is responsible for personal injury or lost items on the lot.

Every other Wednesday, the City & County of Denver sells abandoned and confiscated vehicles at the Sheriff's impound yard.  The City & County of Denver will often sell City owned surplus vehicles as well.  The auction averages 125 vehicles per sale including cars, trucks, SUV's, motorcycles, motorhomes and trailers.  Vehicles range in condition for "ready for recycling" to "ready for the showroom".  


·        This is a Cash only Sale! The City will accept cash or certified funds (a verifiable cashier’s check made payable to Dickensheet and Associates Inc and pre-approved by the Auction contractor at least 24 hours prior to the sale date) due immediately as each vehicle is sold. Personal checks will only be accepted with an irrevocable letter of credit from your bank guaranteeing funds, which has been pre-approved at least 24 hours prior to sale date. No credit cards will be accepted at this sale. You will not have time to retrieve funds the day of the sale, please be prepared to pay for your purchase immediately.

·        A $100.00 cash deposit is required of each registered bidder. This cash deposit is a “good faith” refundable deposit assuring the City that you will pay for all of the vehicles that you purchased in the bid process. Though payment in full is due at the end of the sale, you may be ordered to pay for your purchase or purchases at any time in the course of the sale by either the Auction personnel or the City representative. All City owned vehicles must be paid for immediately after you are declared the winning bidder. If you fail to pay for the vehicle or vehicles you purchased in the bid process, that is a breach of contract and you will forfeit your $100.00 cash deposit. Hold on to your bid number. If you do not buy a vehicle and you wish to leave, you must turn in your bid number to the Auctioneer’s clerk in order to collect your cash deposit. When you turn in your bid number, the clerk will request your ID and it must be the same ID as the person who registered. 

·        Pay attention to which vehicle is being sold! If you don’t know what you’re bidding on, don’t bid!

·        All abandoned/confiscated vehicles are sold as “tow aways” and without an emission test or a 45 day permit. If you buy an abandoned/confiscated vehicle you are responsible for having the vehicle emission tested. A document regarding emissions is attached to the paperwork of each abandoned/confiscated vehicle that you buy. Be advised that Denver Motor Vehicle will NOT issue a temporary permit for vehicles sold as “tow aways”. An emission inspection coupon will be provided for City owned surplus vehicles unless announced otherwise.

·        To our knowledge the State of Colorado will require two forms of secure and verifiable identification from any buyer who wishes to obtain a Colorado title for a motor vehicle. This means that any individual named as “Buyer” on the Bill of Sale that we issue at the Auction must provide acceptable ID’s to the Dept of Motor Vehicle in their county unless otherwise announced.

·        City issues a Bill of Sale and three supporting documents for the sale of abandoned/confiscated vehicles. You must apply for title in your county of residence.

·        Title is not guaranteed on any abandoned/confiscated vehicle sold. Acquisition of title is between the Buyer and the State of Colorado.

·        Please be aware that all vehicles are towed into the Car Pound and very few come equipped with keys. Keys found within any abandoned/confiscated vehicle are not guaranteed to fit the ignition and/or the trunk or door of the vehicle from which they were pulled. The Auctioneer will announce at the time of the sale if a set of keys has been found in a vehicle.

·        If an ignition key is found, an attempt to start the vehicle will be made. If the vehicle starts, the Auctioneer will announce this prior to selling the vehicle and will write “starts” on windshield. This is for informational purposes only and is not a guarantee that the vehicle will start or that the vehicle will move.

·        Some vehicles are marked “Rebuilt from Salvage” or “Salvage” on the Bill of Sale. The Auctioneer will announce whether a vehicle has been designated as previous salvage or salvage prior to selling the vehicle.

·        Some are sold as “Junk” or “For Parts Only”. No Colorado Title or salvage receipt/title will be issued for these vehicles, they must be junked or dismantled only. Sales tax will be charged unless purchase is otherwise exempt.

·        Removal is by 3:00pm from the inside of the lot and 5:00pm from off the street outside of the lot on the day of the sale NO EXCEPTIONS! Any vehicles left in the Auction yard or unattended along adjacent streets will be towed and impounded and all related charges will be assessed to the vehicle.

·        All items found within the vehicle are the property of the Buyer. You must take all the contents of the vehicle you’ve purchased with you.

·        Duplicates for lost paperwork for abandoned/confiscated vehicles are available at the cost of $10.00. Duplicate titles for City owned vehicles will be provided at a cost of $50.00. 

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